UnionStahl Nord

Sheet metal for line pipes and structural tubes

With a well-assorted stock of sheet metal for line pipes and construction pipes, we are able to meet our customers’ requirements in the best possible way.


To realize your orders, we supply you with optimized material beyond the standard:

We are one of the few dealers in Europe to offer sheet metal for line/construction pipes in accordance with ISO 3183 (up to L485 ME or API 5L X70) from stock.

Bleche für Leitungs-/Konstruktionsrohre (gem. ISO 3183)
GütenDicken (mm)Breiten (mm)Längen (mm)Prüfbescheinigungen nach
DIN EN 10204
L245 NE/
4 – 601.000 – 4.000bis 16.0003.1
L360 NE/
API 5L X52
4 – 601.000 – 4.000bis 16.0003.1
L415 ME/
API 5L X60
8 – 401.000 – 3.500bis 16.0003.1
L460 ME/
API 5L X65
8 – 401.000 – 3.500bis 16.0003.1
L485 ME/
API 5L X70
8 – 401.000 – 3.500bis 16.0003.1